The purpose of our Celebrations Innovation Program is to educate students with a hands-on rotating curriculum of catering & hospitality trade services.

Our innovations for cultural awareness program allow students to become successful leaders of tomorrow. We train entrepreneurs to cultivate interpersonal relationships and cultural standards of perception, JTCDC will give students a competitive edge economically in the global marketplace.

JTCDC objective for Celebrations will allow students engagement to:

  •  Create interest in global attractions to increase culture inclusivity while educating the public in a festive manner (JTCDC 2nd fold community mission).

  •  Establish social responsibility per culture by developing a sense of belonging.

  •  Execute leadership by shadowing industry career partners to professionally trend various cultures with proper setting, etiquettes and attire.

Goals are achieved in collaboration with local, state, and national wellness and corporate partnerslike Target, Wal*Mart & Office Depot.


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